Monday, November 22, 2010

An Early Thanksgiving

Had our Thanksgiving a bit early this year. It was the only time when we could all get together. Love it because it extends this cozy happy holiday. The plan was that my parents, sister Abby, and her baby would head down to Boise for the weekend. My mom almost had a heartattack when she opened my pantry and found my sister Molly and her husband in the pantry. Eating chips.

Photos of the couples. And sad Abby missing her husband. But where is baby Paige? 

She's eating on the floor under the table of course. Wait? You mean that isn't how you feed your baby? Weird. 

Dinner turned out great. Shane is the master carver. Look at that platter. My dad asked why there were "weeds" on the plate. I said it was thyme. "Yea. Time to get the weeds off the turkey". 
Nice one dad.


Jennifer said...

That sounds like a priceless moment when your mom found them in the pantry! So funny...glad to hear you and your family were able to get together and celebrate the holiday...even if it was a little early. :-)

Abby said...

That's the grossest picture of me! Good thing I'm out of focus. And I love that you captured a photo of Paige eating under the table! What about Collin feeding her or dropping food on her head?

The Wheeler's said...

I'm excited to give away the sims 3 game to one lucky person in my family. Thanks again. You always have awesome giveaways and I just love your blog.

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