Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gift of Darkness



That blog title sounds like a crappy 80's song.

So, for Valentine's Day Shane gave me the best gift. He took me to pick out dark shades for our bedroom and installed them a couple days ago. He thought this might help with my insomnia. There is this blasted street light that is brighter than a thousand suns that shines into our room. That is with the blinds closed. I have tried sleep masks, and Shane has been planning to get a hold of a gun to shoot the light out. I think that the curtains are a better option.

I can't believe how amazing a pitch black room can be. My sleep has been so deep this week. We have been waiting to get things for the master bedroom until we can get exactly what we want. This move to go ahead with window treatments was inspired.

This got me thinking about the bliss of receiving a gift that you really want. What I wanted for Valentine's Day (and Christmas, my Birthday, 4th of July.....) was sleep. It got me thinking about what gifts I REALLY want. Gifts that would change my life for the better. Just a few of my ideas:

  • A Milkman. Not for the cliché housewife fantasy. I would love it if twice a week a delivery would be made to my house that included the following: Milk, green leaf lettuce, fresh bread, OJ, bananas, rotisserie chicken or ground beef/turkey, whatever vegetable is in season and whatever fruit is in season. If had that, I could grocery shop once a month. Stock up on pantry and freezer in one huge load and forgo the bi-weekly run for fresh food. If that delivery also came with a 44 ounce of Cherry Zero Coke, that would be cool too.

  • Personal trainer. Because of Lydia's peanut allergy, Lydia cannot go the local gym's day care. I day dream sometimes of dropping her off to play a few times a week while I work out for an hour. This personal trainer would of course come with his/her cute 10 year old daughter who played with Lydia during the workout.

  • Housecleaner. Not for the whole house, just the bathrooms and hardwood floors.

  • Family photographer. I would love to have someone come along with our family on outings to take candids of the precious moments we experiences.

  • Kitchenaid Stand Mixer (I swear, I am the only one without one)

Basically it sounds like I want to be a Kennedy :) Even so, it is fun to fantasize.

Of course, I am a woman. Anything that is wrapped is probably something that I really want :) Happy Valentines day! Don't forget, Shane is turning 30 on the 17th, so drop him a line or send him a card if you feel so inclined.


lisa said...

I don't have a Kitchenaid mixer either. I want a red one. Just so you know.

Also, you've inspired me to try to darken my room.

Emily Taylor said...

I want Rosie from the Jetsons. I hear she can do all those things. I think her abdomen is a Kitchenaid. I also really want a chocolate banana smoothie right now, and these potato chip things we ate in London called hula hoops.

Randi said...

Total darkness. It is incredible. It helps my kids sleep until 9 sometimes. SOMETIMES. Anyway, you have inspired me to think of what I really want. But I think my list is almost identical to yours. Except I have a kitchen-aid. But I don't have a house.. So you win.

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