Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome Birthday Gnome!

We know that Lydia's birthday is just a week away as José Menendez Valdosta Rivera "The Birthday Gnome" has arrived at our home. (She turns 2 on Jan 29th)It is a tradition in our home that José shows up the week before one of us has a birthday and stays until the celebrating is over. It started a few years ago when I walked out of my bedroom a week before my birthday and found this little man waiting for me with balloons and a note. It was a really long note, but if you are interested in knowing this gnomes beginnings, I will attached a bit for your reading enjoyment.

"Good morning! Don’t you just look smashing at this early hour? I’m awfully sorry to startle you like this, but my presence was requested by my good friend, Shane. Maybe I should start by introducing myself. My name is José Menendez Valdosta Rivera. I’m Russian and I’m obviously a gnome. In fact, I’m a birthday gnome by profession. I came here all the way from Kinshasa in the Congo Basin of central Africa to spread to you birthday cheer and fulfill all your birthday desires. I’m very good at fulfilling desires, but I understand that you are married and Shane is a good friend, so I will stick with the standard birthday package. You may not know this, Natalie, but gnomes are an ancient symbol of annual prosperity. This is true. In many cultures the gnome is equated with the bringer of yearly plenty and celebration. … … … These cultures are very far away and obscure and known to very few people, but it’s true nonetheless.
Hence my presence: I am here to make your birthday memorable and pleasurable… in a completely appropriate and boring way, of course. Therefore, in commemoration of the day of your birth 25 years ago- no, uh… 29 yea- … 22? … …(where are my notes?)… … … In commemoration of the blessed day of your birth so many years ago, I will grant unto you Six birthday wishes. Now, Natalie, I want you to close your eyes and think really hard (close your eyes) of the six things that you (close your eyes) would love to experience/have/enjoy on (close your eyes already) your birthday. Now, do any of those things include a handsome gnome, a bottle of cheap liquor and an extension cord? Oh, sorry. This is your wish, not mine. Anyway, do you have an idea of those six special things? Now, what you need to do is follow these five steps:"

You get the idea.


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Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

I love this! Dave's birthday is in a few weeks.... I'm doing this!! Totally doing this!!!

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