Friday, October 19, 2007


Lydia cuddled with me this morning. For like 5 minutes. This never happens. Our cuddle sessions are usually about once a week for 30 seconds after a temper tantrum and she needs reassurance. This morning after she woke up (before sunrise of course), I brought her back to bed with me (like normal) but this time she stayed! 5 minutes. In my arms! I could tell she was appeasing me more than anything, but I wasn't complaining. That was the longest I have held my baby in 4 months! (Since I stopped nursing). Seriously I am in the best mood today. Shane is getting back from a long trip, "The Office" was exceptionally funny last night, and I had cuddle time!

We also visited the Children's Discovery Museum with some friends. I have attached some photos.

1 comment:

Randi said...

I am with you on the precious moments of cuddling. Sometimes fights are your best friend because of the end results. And the Office was good. And sad. And good.

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