Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just one of the myriad

So, apparently blogging is one of the mandatory activities of motherhood. I think they are fun, but I have resisted in the name of "free time". I was thinking today of all of the things that we are supposed to accomplish in a day. Workout, read our scriptures, spend ample quality time with our children, meaningful conversations with husbands, personal prayer, couple prayer, family prayer, clean house, meditate, shower, prepare 3 nutritious (no trans fat- organic) meals, get 8 hours of sleep, journal.... Then the list for the general necessities; food storage, genealogy, visiting teaching, callings, date night, organized house, sex, keep up with correspondence, reading, service, time with friends, grocery shop, digital scrapbooking, paying bills, entertaining, holiday plans, meetings, FHE, temple attendance...the list goes on and on.

Not that I don't enjoy most of these things. I actually enjoy them all (except maybe the meetings) But there is no possible way that anyone can do them all without literally going insane :) Yet, here I am blogging during the precious hour of TV time that Lydia gets. Yes, I know that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises no TV before the age of 2. Lydia wakes up at 6 am on the dot and is non stop until bed time. I have no relatives around to give me a break. I will take my chances. :)

So...there is my vent. Now I can move on to the fun stuff. (By the way, I am Natalie. Nice to meet you.)


susan said...

I love your insight. Your real perspective. I am looking forward to reading your entries and seeing your pictures. You are so creative. Happy 30th. It's a fun club to be in :)
Susan Biery

Sara Clifton said...

What?!? I don't see Nine Moons or Renovation Voyeur linked under your friends' blogs :( Oh! I know! It's because Rusty isn't your friend...he's family.

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