Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I'm be making with all these luscious apples.

Went apple picking as our first fall excursion. Photos here. Now, I'm going to attempt some serious cooking in my new home by attempting Chicken Apple Rosemary Pot Pie. Shane can take the kids somewhere so I don't have Collin yelping for scraps at my heels. Oh, delicious autumn. I wait for you all year long.

Recipe here.

By the way. Tomorrow is October 1st. That means Halloween decorations are a go!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maybe I'm not cut out for this.

Today was....unpleasant. That's a nice way to put it. I'm finding this step in the moving process especially hard as Shane has started his job, yet there is still so much more to do to get us settled. On top of that, the regular daily messes and chores inevitably demand attention, so our house is basically chaos + laundry piles + moving boxes + Kid's Meal wrappers. I used to make fast food a very once in a while treat. Um now, not so much. Try every other day since we started the move. I know. I hang my head in shame. Jamie Oliver would beat me with a french fry.

So, getting back to today. First thing in the morning, Lydia is begging me for a particular dress to wear to tour her new preschool. It's in the dryer, so I head over to pull it out. I wonder how long it's been since the lint trap was cleaned, and I discover (with slight gagging) that it has picked up much more than link in the moving van. Gross. I don't want that lint wad loose in the garbage, so I stuff it in a half empty Sobe bottle that was left out over night, screw on the lid and toss it.

I'm quickly trying to get breakfast ready with Lydia begging to get me to be involved with her pretenting. This is hard as Collin is screaming for his breakfast. He immediately believes he has been starved for a week once I start to prepare any meal, and it makes the cooking process unfortunate at best. Suddenly I am struck by a moment of silence which could only mean one thing. Trouble. I whirl around to see Collin drinking the lint wad filled Sobe!!!! I scream, lunge at him and smack the bottle away from him. I pry his mouth open to pull out any visible globs.

Moments later I am standing in the once clean kitchen that is now covered in discusting lint juice. My baby is screaming at deafening decibels and Lydia is in the background still whining "play with me!". I look at the clock. 7:53am. 10 hours until Shane gets home from work.

It doesn't get much better from there on. After breakfast is finally finished and cleaned up, we head over to the bank to open a new account so Shane can get paid. Lydia quietly colors, but Collin sees only one option. Escape. I soon find myself the woman I swore I would never become, as I sprint around the bank every 2 minutes as Collin dashes into bank managers offices and tripping innocent customers. I, of course, try to hold him on my lap, but the shrill desperate screaming tends to bother the rest of bank staff. No rookie mommy, I have snacks on hand, but the moment I unzip the baggy of cherrios, Collin rips them from my fingers and dumps them unceremoniously over the stack of papers I was just asked to sign. Lydia immediately drops to the floor and starts to eat the discarded cereal, and I try to pull her from her imitation of a hover vacuum as Collin continues to shriek at the loss of his munchies. (He polished off the fruit bars on the way to the bank.)

The bank agent was very sweet. She even slipped me a card with the name of her daytime babysitter whom she highly recommends. Is it wrong I am thinking of putting Collin in daycare twice a month or so, just for a break?

We ate Wendy's hamburgers in the car.

Now I am sitting on the bathroom floor, laptop propped on my knees, ignoring my bathing children who have discovered that they can make a "tooting" noise with the nasal aspirator and are laughing hysterically. I am literally covered with a dozen unknown substances that have made their way onto my clothes with verbs like: smear, spit, throw, wipe, cry...and others I won't name. I know Shane secretly wonders why I only choose the Target t-shirts from my closet during the weekday. However, I have lost too many cute little numbers due to a thrown roasted beet or spit spaghetti sauce, to risk it.

I know I have so much to be grateful for. Truly, my children are usually very well behaved. But right now, all I can think is THIS IS REALLY HARD.


In better news, I have exactly two places in the house just they way I want them.

A Barefoot Contessa cookbook corner in the kitchen. (Did anyone else die laughing when Liz Lemon started talking about the Barefoot Contessa on 30 Rock last week? Awesome!)

Some happy yellow behind the kitchen sink.

Oh. Did you think I meant entire rooms? Ha ha, no. In fact, I am still getting over the paralyzing terror of walking in to our living room the day we moved to find this:

I claim no talent in home decorating. I don't even know where to start. 
I must must must start watching HGTV.

Bath is done. I think we are all going to bed early today.

Monday, September 27, 2010

DownEast Basics New Arrivals

Love blogging. I really love blogging when a company like DownEast Basics asks me if I would mind trying out something from their new line. Mind? Um, well, I guess not, since I buy something from them about every other month anyway. I'll be keeping you up to date on some of my favorite DownEast Basics from now on. Probably some giveaways too. Won't be a chore since I love just about everything they sell. Great blend of modest classic pieces accented by the newest trends. And the prices are fantastically low. I've been shopping there since they had one single store in Utah (12 years ago!).

Saw a scarf similar to this at Anthropology. However, this one is just as cute and $12.99. 

The Pin Drop Skirt looks so comfy, yet pulled together. Love the length too.

All you need to complete the outfit is the Infatuation Sweater. This is what I picked out to review. I had seen a similar sweater at Banana Republic, but at over $80, I decided against it. This one runs $32.99! Love it! It's very flattering, thin, but not feather weight. I opted for a size larger than I usually wear so I would get some added length and more room to move. It's my new favorite sweater. The ruffles make it a perfect staple for this season.

Let's not forget Lydia now! Clara Skirt is $16.99

For $6.99, I'll add the Big Bead Bracelet to the cart too.

You can get all of this for under $100. Nice.

Don't forget to check out all the new arrivals for yourself! And FYI, all their special occasion dresses are on sale. Think bridesmaids.....or prom. 

(I miss prom. There should be a mommy prom. Babysitting and spanx included.)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I want to learn photography.

Janna- now that I live in the West, can I get an appointment, because your work is incredible. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthdays and Farewells

Forgive me. This post could also be titled "A whole lot of photos with me smiling at the camera." 


My birthday week was lovely yet sad. I was reminded how much my Chattanooga friends mean to me and how much I will miss them. 

A very last minute birthday dinner. (That tends to happen when you announce, "Oh, by the way, I'm moving in 12 days." We talked so long, we almost got kicked out of the restaurant. My sister Emily was there too. She took the photo. Still so sad we didn't get her in a photo.

How incredible is this cake?!? So yellow.... and don't even get me started about the darling (themed!) gifts. My friends are seriously rad. I'm going to go into Girl's Night mourning in Boise.

Shane's gift to me was to watch the kids, and my friend Jenn's kids (her husband helped too) while Jenn and I went out for the day. While we were gone they made us a birthday cake. You can see the top of my "girls night" birthday cake didn't go to rest. 

Took Lydia on a last "Tea Party" playdate with her best friend Kate. Click here to see more of the fun. Seriously, you want to check them out. They might even bring a little tear to your eye.

A little b-day cake with some of our favorite friends. Shane is going to miss his best friend Todd. 
(You may see him in the new Tyler Perry movie. So fun being friends with a movie star!)

One last wednesday lunch at Lupis. (Best whole wheat bruschetta in the world!) If you could hear the screaming that was emanating from our children while this photo was taken, most of them off camera, you would be amazed how we could keep our smiles on.

My actual birthday was in Spokane with my parents, Lydia and Collin. I took a 3 hour nap. Woke up to almond poppyseed cake. Ended with playing liverpool rummy. So yea, it was awesome. 

Such a beautiful day, we had a little birthday picnic with Grandma too.

While in Spokane, my best friend Carrie drove down with her two sons so we could celebrate our birthdays together. We have been doing this since we were 16 years old. Whenever we are in Spokane, we head to the Coeur d'Alene resort for a gynormous ice cream sundae. They taste as good as ever. We used to want to go dancing at the bar, but we always got kicked out for being underage. Now we probably wouldn't even get carded. sigh

Look familiar? My friend Wendy got me a cupcake that looks just like the one I posted in my birthday countdown post. And in regards to that post, I should address my goal to fit into those fabulous linen pants by my birthday. So yes, I was able to wear them for a birthday outing. However, after these last couple weeks of celebrating, they don't fit anymore. As soon as we are settled in, I am (once again) starting to run. And NO MORE CAKE! 

Well. Actually, I have a cake themed giveaway coming up. But after that, I'm going on a sugar detox.

Thanks for all the birthday love.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We're here! And moving sucks.

We finally arrived in Boise. (I may have lingered in Spokane for a bit longer than planned.) I am now staring at piles of moving boxes and mounds of "random" that must be addressed. I miss my friends and I really really really miss the Mexican restaurant that was just a few miles from my house. I just keep saying over and over, "I love Idaho. I love Idaho. I love Idaho."

While the desert part of things is going to take a bit to get used to, our new house is lovely. I can't wait to get her all gussied up. I'll show you some photos as I get things finished. By the way, anyone know where I can get great Mexican food around here?

idaho pillow source

"Hi. I'm trashed. Do our exorbitant moving costs include a day at the spa?"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fishing and Shopping

Shane took Lydia fishing today, so the natural thing for me to do was take Collin shopping. I'll admit, he got the raw end of the deal.

I've been checking out this Banana Republic top for a few weeks, and today (and I think tomorrow) you get 40% any regular item with your Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy card. I knew it was time to treat myself. You can use it online with code BRPRESALE. If you are blessed cursed with a large chest, this top is fabulous. It just needs a bit of yellow accessories to make it perfect.

Thank you thank you for all the great suggestions of how to stock my kitchen! Make sure to check out all the great comments on the post or on Facebook. Still looking for more ideas so feel free to add yours. I will compile them up into a shopping list and post them them in the next few weeks.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

holding on to summer a bit longer

While waiting for our movers to arrive in Boise, the kids and I stayed in Spokane for a bit. The weather was so lovely, we decided to go up to Greenbluff to pick peaches. Now, I have had some good peaches. A lot of Georgia peaches, fresh from the orchard. However, these Spokane peaches were the best, most succulent peaches I have ever had.  Luckily we had tons of hand sanitizer available so we could peel the peaches straight off the tree. Oh my. It was like actually tasting late summer. 

Collin didn't pull his face out of a peach for like an hour. 

Everything is more fun with Grandma and Papa!

The smell just walking through the trees was intoxicating. I really want to live on an orchard. Well, next door to an orchard maybe. With friendly neighbors who let me pick fruit anytime I want. Maybe a nice older Italian couple who also bring over extra Osso Buco and peach gelato. You never know. Could happen. Probably not in Boise though.

The only thing that might be comparable to these peaches are Greenbluff Harvest House's fresh pumpkin doughnuts, made right in front of you.  We ate a dozen between the 4 of us. We contemplated buying more.
Eating them is like tasting early Autumn. 

With the boxes of peaches that came home, we made a peach cobbler using this recipe. It was more of a cakey texture than I was used to, but still yummy. I recommend adding a 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp cinnamon to the dry ingredients. 

I think I'll go apple picking this weekend. I am so excited for Fall!



The winner of the Modern Bird Studios Giveaway is Mrs. Jones. Congrats! Email me and I will get you your prize. 

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